This is one of the complementary spaces linked to Fant@sTIC English. It is another wiki with the same format that this one.

Children's Corner contains a virtual classroom with direct access to different vocabulary, songs, stories, activities, readings, online games, printable activities, links and so on.

Through this wiki, children can review the key words they have learnt in each unit. This encourages children to reflect on what they have learnt and to be aware of their own progress. So, they are encourage to work independently and they can adopt a positive and a responsible attitude towards their own learning.

In this wiki, we can find the Blog OUR ENGLISH MUSEUM, where we can see all the projects produced by the pupils and different experiences.

We can find the Blog PRACTISE YOUR ENGLISH, too. On this blog, the students (5th and 6th grade) will carry out a range of activities which will complement the work they do in class. They will improve their grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading.